I take digital photography seriously as an ethnographic tool. Photos help to contextualize field research, exemplifying behavior and culture, giving permanence to observation, even surprising with juxtaposition. They're also a low-cost way to give back to communities.

Here is a collection of my fieldwork photography from July 2009 through June 2012. I shot with a Canon 18-200mm IS lens on an old Digital Rebel body.

Here is a collection from my field season in 2015, shot with the same* lens on a Canon 60D.

Here is a collection from my 2016 field season, again with an 18-200mm on a 60D.

*actually, it was a newly-purchased pre-owned lens of the same kind, because the first lens (and the old Rebel!) became riddled with fungi after 20 months in the tropics. Next grant, a sealed lens!

For a glimpse into my daily phone's-eye view of the world, find me on Instagram @matthew.gervais

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L: Cover photo for December 2013 issue of Human Nature for article Kline, M.A., Boyd, R., & Henrich, J. Teaching and the life history of cultural transmission in Fijian villages. R: Several cover photos for a book reporting round two of the comparative "economic man" studies: Ensminger, J. & Henrich, J. (Eds). (2014). Experimenting with Social Norms: Fairness and Punishment in Cross-cultural Perspective. 

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